Monday, September 27, 2010

Naming a Blog

So I have been wanting to blog for a while now. I spent some time wondering what I would write about and whether or not anyone would care to read it. I spent even more time trying to find a name. I would drive down the street looking for signs or I would try and think about something thematic in my life...but nothing came. One day Will and I were walking down the street. We were talking and all of a sudden we heard a thud. We looked over and two squirrels had fallen out of a tree while doing it. I looked at Will and said were they having sex? He replied yes, I saw the squirrel's penis. I immediately began to laugh, to which I replied you did not. He continued to insist that he had actually seen this squirrels "little member". We continued to walk and I would get tickled ever so often thinking about the lovemaking squirrels. I looked at Will and said I should call the blog Falling From Trees. I was somewhat joking but then it stuck. Life can often bring unexpected instances that bring laughter and other times just a thud. I hope this blog will be a way that I can express all the seasons of life. Hope you enjoy!