Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vacation Eye Candy

While on our trip I was often distracted by all the creative text. Since I have been writing this blog and tapping into my creative side I have become more attentive to what is around me. Here is what I saw...

This was on the window at a burger joint in Australia.
I thought this would be great in a cafe.
Surprisingly this was in the Australia airport.
I wasn't sure what a fake Kiwi looked like but this person is
apparently the real deal.
Found this one in an area called Mission Bay. 
I justed like this one.

This is just funny.
This a bar/restaurant we went to called
Northern Steamship.
I loved all the decor and graphics.
They had hanging lamps on the ceiling.
And a fabulous round bookcase.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Latest

We have been busy since we have been back. Here are a few of the highlights. 

My Niece, Meg, turned 5 this month.

What a sweetie!

Sister looks on in curiosity.

She is a girl that knows what she wants. A special
Krispie Kreme request.

We got her Spin Art.

I have finally been able to organize my craft area.

This a branch that I had been eying. It was dead so I didn't
feel so bad for asking Will to knock it down out of the tree.
I have slowly been adding different crafts to it.

A present for a friend that had twin boys.

It snowed here. Everyone freaked out as

Then everything froze and I got the car stuck.
We had to pour hot water on the ice to melt it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Road Trip-North Island

We didn't know why Santa had a
star coming out of his pants.
Cultural barrier i suppose.

Pauanui Beach; I loved all the houses on the hill.

Fish and Chips New Zealand Style.

Boating Trip

Cathedral Cove

Hot Water Beach
If you dig a hole at low tide it will fill up with hot water.

The guys went fly fishing...for a while.

and for longer

We hiked the Tongariro Crossing.

sulfur pools

Us in front of sulfur pools.

We had a blast with Georgie and Mark. It was so nice of them to let us come on their honeymoon. Hope you enjoyed the photos. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little Fun, Ok ALOT of Fun

Walking around Mission Bay
We had a little car trouble.
Will found something to drink while we waited on Ruth to save us.

We got to take a plane ride over the north coast.
Coastal View

Snorkeling at Goat Island
A Surf lesson

We both got up!
New Year's Eve
Guys vs. Girls Video Competition
The Girls Won.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ohh New Zealand...How I love you!

Will and I got to go to New Zealand for my best friend's wedding for two weeks over Christmas. I also got a new camera for Christmas so I went picture crazy. I have decided to post the pictures in a 3 part series so I won't overwhelm you. It wasn't possible to capture all the country's beauty in photos, but I sure tried. I had to put myself in camera time-out a few times because it started to impede upon my enjoyment. Here's part 1.

Will got to go rock climbing on our lay over
We got a little wet while we were in Brisbane
We got poppers with toys inside.
We got crowns.
Christmas lunch..round 2.
A little dirty Santa action, the jandel bottle opener was popular.

A hike at Piha, a west coast beach.
Another one of their wonderful views.
Daddy kissing his little sweet
They're married!
Wedding photo time

Couple Pic
These didn't last long.
Will did what he does best...DANCE.