Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

One of the things that I am coming to accept is that at least for a little while my weekend wrap ups aren't going to be as packed out as before. We had a low key weekend. We are both still getting accustomed to the schedule of feedings. Even though we are both exhausted we love this little girl more than we could have imagined.

Friday evening we finished up the first season of Downton Abbey. Has anyone seen this series? I love it!! It is a part of masterpiece theater on PBS. I have to admit when Will suggested it I was thinking PBS really? The last thing I saw from PBS was Sesame Street and even then I wasn't much of a fan. I am a big snob and to PBS I say I am sorry for being uppity.

On Saturday there was a 5k that our housemates were running in so we decided to go and cheer them on. We also ran into some friends, some we haven't seen since college. Notice Vivi's cute shamrock onesie courtesy of her aunt Mimi and uncle Matt.

 Saturday evening we played our housemates in Settlers of Catan. Will was introduced to Settlers in Lusaka and has been obsessed ever since. My mom got it for him for his birthday.  He has been practicing so he can have a rematch with Scotty Sloan one day. We also had a visit from our neighbors who brought over cupcakes and a gift for Vivi.

Sunday we had a great day relaxing. We decided to take some pictures of Vivi and read a bit of Hunger Games. We have been reading it out loud and are now on the third book in the series. It is so good and we are pumped to see the movie when it comes out.

We had a hard time convincing Vivi
that this was fun.

Lindsay was assisting with the shoot.

And we lost her.

These are the boots that her granddad gave her.

On Sunday evening Will's best friend was in town so we headed over to see him at a friend's house. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Many of you already know we had a baby on March 1st. She weighed 6lbs and 6 oz and  measured 20 inches in length. I was able to have a natural birth which I hope to write more on later. Life has slowed down considerably. We have both been exhausted but very thankful for this sweet girl. We named her Viola Ann Livingstone Williams. We will either call her either Vivi or Ann Livingstone. We haven't decided which fits her personality best. 

Lots of this.

Waiting on Vivi to decide if she is done making boom boom.