Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Made It!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we made it to Lusaka. I have been pretty jet lagged, but Will has been sleeping like a baby (Don't worry I wake him up when I can't sleep. He loves it). We currently don't have access to the internet on a regular basis. We have to get logged into CIDRZ system which won't be until Tuesday. There is a holiday on Monday so we have been hanging out in their wonderful 70 degree weather. We have been able to go to a market and the grocery store which were both adventures in themselves. Our internet service is stronger than we thought so we will be able to skype and I plan to continue blogging regularly. Hope to have some pictures for you soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

So this is a jumbo weekend wrap up. I have missed a couple of weekends and am trying to catch up. Since I last blogged I made a trip to Seattle and celebrated with family at the lake. Let's start with Seattle pics.

I met my friend Kareen for breakfast one morning. 
Meet some Seattle friends for dinner at Toulouse. 
Participated in karoking which is a must.
K.J. rocked Avril Lavigne's complicated.
Hanging at Ozzie's
Madrona friends
This past weekend we spent some time with family. It was so great to get to see everyone and spend time in a familiar place.
Uncle Ken was teaching the girls how to fish
Mimi took them on the big tube.
Snack Time

We have so many wonderful friends and family. We are so glad to have gotten to say bye to so many. We love you all so much and will miss your faces and the sound of your voices in these next 10 months. We are excited but definitely scared of all the new adjustments. I will try to continue my blog while we are in Africa. The biggest factor for me is how fast the internet will be. Patience is not my strong suit and if it takes an hour to upload a picture I will either learn patience or go into fits of rage. Will has created a new blog for Zambia because we have to have password protected blogs. Here is the address If you want to follow us email me at and I will give you the password. If I decide to continue blogging separate from Will I will send the password along when I set it up.

One Year Celebrated!

I mentioned a while back an idea that a friend and I had about our wedding dresses. We decided it is silly to only wear them once and pack them away. Our plan is that we will put our dresses on every year and have one item in the picture that represents where we are as a couple. We chose a globe since we are headed to Africa.

Since I was in Seattle during our anniversary (I am a shoe in for wife of the year) we ate our cake while we were cleaning out our apartment.

The cake still tasted good. I was surprised.

I smashed it in Will's face.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back Porch Beverages- Chocolate Mint Martini

Tracy came to visit us from Nashville. We created a drink for this week's back porch beverages. I am unsure of the measurements because we dumped all the ingredients in the blender. You will need:

chocolate mint (this ingredient was the inspiration for our beverage)
chocolate ice cream
agave nectar

We added the vodka and agave to the
mint when we muddled it.

Add ice, ice cream, chocolate mint 
syrup mixture, and more vodka  

Comments: It was a good dessert beverage. I don't know if anyone would want more than one.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, Seattle I have missed you!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy One Year Honey!!!

he: likes his coffee black
she: likes hers with creamer

he: squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom
she: squeezes from the middle

he: pushes through a stitch when running
she: does not

he: likes to make breakfast
she: likes eating it

he: likes to eat his cereal with a large spoon
she: likes her with a small spoon

he: wakes up early
she: sleeps in 

he: is a peacemaker
she: likes to address conflict

he: plans his weekends around Auburn football
she: doesn't see the point

he: talks in his sleep and snores
she: laughs and jabs him in the ribs

he: is easily embarrassed by her public outbursts
she: is easily riled up by ignorant drivers

he: doesn't get her obsession with sniffing
she: can't help but sniff

he: likes to cuddle at night
she: likes her space

Friday, July 15, 2011

Back Porch Beverages-Strawberry Basil Martini

This week we are making a yummy strawberry basil martini. The thing that I have enjoyed most about these beverages are the herbs. They give each drink an additional flavor that I am not expecting. Here is what you will need for this back porch beverage done family style.

3 strawberries, plus one for garnish
3 basil leaves
1/2 agave nectar
1 ounce Gin
1 ounce Vodka
1/2 fresh lime juice

chop and squeeze people

My brother, sister in law and Will

I think Kim is about to start dancing because
her beverage is so good.

Comments: This drink was sweet but not too sweet for my taste. I think the basil kept the drink from tasting too much like a daiquiri.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making Stationary

The countdown is on and we are packing like crazy. Before I said goodbye to my craft supplies I decided to do one last project. Will surprised me with a new colorful stamp pad. What's a girl to do but brake that baby in? I love writing letters. I am going to attempt to write a letter once a month while I am gone. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stamp Making 101

I came across a homemade stamp kit several weeks ago when I was perusing the aisles at Hobby Lobby. I kept wishing I would have bought it. Last week I did and have enjoyed the process. I made two stamps for friends that are getting married this summer. I though I could spice up their thank you cards. If anyone is interested in purchasing a stamp with a design or initials let me know.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrapup- Celebration Edition

Where do I begin? We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with all our friends. Carleta who is a friend from work began planning my work party weeks ago. She entered me into a limousine contest and we won. Friday evening started when the excursion limo picked us up to carry us to club platinum. We arrived and were seated in the VIP section. We got settled and requested some old school music. Everyone ordered their drinks and we enjoyed our hors d'oeuvre. As the night progressed we slowly headed to the dance floor. Lindsay got her own personal dance lesson. The evening was winding down and they began calling the numbers for the money machine. On the second go around Carleta's number was called and she gave us her ticket. I was inside the machine and Will was on the outside. I had 1 minute to collect as much money as we could. You should have seen me stuffing that money through the hole.  We went home with $79.00 .It was an amazing evening.

Our limo.

My Fabulous Co-workers.

Hi Lindsay!

Who's the lucky ticket holder?

Saturday morning Lindsay, Robbie, and Herreson came into town. We headed to Pepper Place and enjoyed the farmer's market and then over to Urban Standard for lunch. We (Herreson and I) took a nap and then we all headed to get some ice cream.

Fresh Flowers

Ice cream at Edegewood Creamery

Satruday evening we had a picnic potluck to say bye to our friends. Claire Robb hosted this party and it was so much fun. Didn't she do such a great job? We ate, played corn hole, and chatted. Thank you to everyone who came by to see us. 

The paper lanterns

The fun decor.

A little mingle time.

Some of our lovely guests.

The Carson Family minus their 2 week old twins.

Corn Hole Competition

Action Shot

Our friends Kenny and Arnette.

More wonderful guests.

Me, Michelle, and Claire

Will and Brian

Sunday  morning we ate breakfast and we headed to the zoo with the Nichols family. Will has been dying to go see the new Trails of Africa exhibit. As you can imagine it was so hot. We walked for a little while and all got a bit tired. We headed to lunch and then Lindsay and her gang had to get back home.

BFF pic

Lord love him, I know he is hot.

Herreson and I are stamping.

He is really good at this.
I am so glad I got to spend time with Lindsay and her family. It was so good to see everyone one last time. I can't believe we are leaving in a little over 2 weeks. We will miss you all.