Monday, November 29, 2010

Waiting For....Something

We drove out to Beaver Farms

Look who did the cutting

Just kidding we both cut it down but Will carried it all by his lonesome.

Meet Ralph. Isn't he handsome?

I made these when I was a kid and my mom gave them to me a few years ago.  It is my favorite.
Did any one make one of these? You put the beads in the figure and put it in the oven.

decorations that I kept from the wedding.

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I have been looking forward to Christmas probably since Will and I got married.  I ordered Watch for the Light, a collection of Advent readings.  I have also been reading To Dance With God, a book on Christian traditions by Gertrud Mueller Nelson.  When I was single, I thought that in marriage the Christmas season would be absolutely perfect. It is funny how marriage is portrayed to those that are single to be the end of loneliness.  As the Christmas season has begun I have felt lonelier than I thought.  I have been doing a lot of preparing but feeling very restless.  We rushed around to finish the Christmas shopping and we got the apartment decorated but I didn't feel a sense of accomplishment. I wanted the feeling of excitement.  Instead it felt like something was missing…something magical.  Will and I got up and went to church which I was hesitant to do.  The only reason I went was because it was the first Sunday of Advent and I love the themes of Advent.  I moped into the service and the sermon was about the surprise of what is coming.  It didn’t make me feel any better. We had a break before Sunday School started so we walked to Starbuck’s to get a White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha (a.k.a. Christmas In Your Mouth). We sat and talked about how when you get married you can never go home again in the same way.  We will begin our own traditions together and maybe one day have kids to share in the Advent season.  But now it is just us.  How will we take with us the traditions that we both shared in as children and bring them to each other? As we were talking two men began playing the accordion and the guitar.  The sound of Christmas music drifted into my ears and instantly I felt it; the magic that I had been waiting for.  I wanted it to stay but I knew it would leave as quickly as it came.  But what it left was hope. The hope that whether I am single, married, or have a family of my own, Christmas will always be a time where I find myself returning to wait for the unexpected.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

My First Craft Show

Christmas Stationary

A Festive Christmas Hand Towel

Ornaments out of magazine clippings

Christmas Trees made from wood chips

3 Canvas' made from magazines.

This week (Dec.1st) there will be a local craft show in Birmingham and my mom and I will have a table. This has been a goal of mine for some time now. I enjoy crafting and wanted to see what I could create. If you are in the area and want more information let me know and I can give you directions.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guilty Servings

As many of you know I am working at a men's homeless shelter in Birmingham.  These men have taught me a lot  about poverty, mental illness, and addiction over the last nine months. This will be my first year working at the shelter during the holidays. We have had an influx of calls come in for people wanting to volunteer in the last several weeks. We have so many volunteers that people are only allowed to work a two hour shift on Thanksgiving. We can't take any walk ins because it is simply too crowded. I find myself frustrated because we need volunteers all year around not just on holidays. Don't get me wrong I am glad people want to give of their time I just wish motives were brought into question. Volunteering seems like an easy escape so we won't have to feel bad about ourselves for not doing anything the other 364 days of the year. We can go home and sit at a table with our family and friends and feel good about ourselves because at least we are not like "those people" who did nothing. The same is true for me I can feel good about myself because I will be working but really would I be at the shelter if it wasn't part of my job? I am not sure I can answer yes.  This post isn't meant to make people feel more guilty than they already do.  It is meant to drive people to question what it means to give. Is giving going into a certain neighborhood or is giving being a part of that neighborhood? When will we deal with our guilt and join others in relationship instead of always being the giver who has all the power?  Aren't we called to be with the needy, the poor, and the oppressed? 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

IKEA Explorations

Will and I have been slowly decorating our apartment these last couple of months. I have been trying to make a lot of our house decor. We got to go to IKEA last weekend in Atlanta which can be an overwhelming ordeal at times. After weaving through all the display rooms and dodging people we managed to finish in record time. Much to our excitement there were cinnamon rolls waiting for us at the finish line.  Along with 2 hotdogs, chips, and a drink for $2 (we were hungry,it had been a stressful shopping rampage).  I found a great rug for twenty bucks but when i got home i decided it was missing something.  Side Note:The draw back about a place like IKEA is everything is mass produced so i was left feeling like a number had been stamped on my forehead and i had been placed neatly in a box.  I decided to give our new rug a little spice. I sewed buttons to some of the flowers and it gave it a nice artistic feel. I love taking something great and adding a piece of me.

Crafting with Claire

 I saw this wreath how to on  Julia Black's blog a couple of weeks ago and have been wanting to make one. A friend named Claire came to and play too. We ended up with a few glue gun burns, facts from the Guinness Book of World Records, and a fabulous picture of Boyz II Men.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Funny Bit

So sometimes when I am bored I like to get on Craig's List and see what is up for grabs. When I find something humorous I either send it to someone or save it. Here are a few Craig's List highlights. Enjoy!

1st AD

could the lady in odenville that we got the two roosters from please contact us we have lost all of ur contact info so we can give u your free hen u wanted

2nd AD

Ill be glad to come and pick up any Halloween items you want to get rid of! We love Halloween and have a HUGE party every year. Looking for something different to add to my collection. No matter how small or stupid you might think it is, give me a call!!

3rd AD

Free landscape "rocks", "boulders", or whatever you want to call them. I have maybe around 100 or more of this size in my yard. I am starting to revamp my "yard" and these things are defintely not in the plan. Only catch is, you come get them !

4th AD

We have one pink cat carrier and covered litter box that are free to someone who needs them. Please email if interested. They are NOT to be resold so I will be inquiring to why you need them.

5th AD

Marital Spat Ball Pit (Alabaster)
He thinks it's garbage. I think a little duct tape would go a long way for this jewel. It is a Disney Princess ball pit, VERY RARE! It is round with an open top, beautiful tower walls, and a spiral ball thing (you put the balls in at the top and they spin down. You know? like a fancy gum ball machine. It would be perfect for any special little girl that you really don't want to spend money on. I am also including a garbage bag full of balls. You can pick up at 736 12th ST NW in Alabaster in the Apache Ridge Subdivision. Please do it soon before it causes any more arguments. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE COMPUTER VIRUSES. THANKS Please do not pick up tonight, the balls are in the storage shed and I just can't get to them right now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Our search for the perfect pumpkin.