Friday, January 14, 2011

Ohh New Zealand...How I love you!

Will and I got to go to New Zealand for my best friend's wedding for two weeks over Christmas. I also got a new camera for Christmas so I went picture crazy. I have decided to post the pictures in a 3 part series so I won't overwhelm you. It wasn't possible to capture all the country's beauty in photos, but I sure tried. I had to put myself in camera time-out a few times because it started to impede upon my enjoyment. Here's part 1.

Will got to go rock climbing on our lay over
We got a little wet while we were in Brisbane
We got poppers with toys inside.
We got crowns.
Christmas lunch..round 2.
A little dirty Santa action, the jandel bottle opener was popular.

A hike at Piha, a west coast beach.
Another one of their wonderful views.
Daddy kissing his little sweet
They're married!
Wedding photo time

Couple Pic
These didn't last long.
Will did what he does best...DANCE.

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  1. how fun! such pretty pics... what kind of camera did you end up getting? I heart Will's stache by the way... J will be so jealous.