Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Friday night we spent the evening with our niece Kate. She turned 10 in February and I am embarrassed to say that we are just now planning time to celebrate her. She is the sweetest and very gracious with our tardiness. We ate at a local Italian restaurant and even scored some free beignets because of the birthday girl. Will made her a card which was one of his best, but I forgot to snap a picture of it. We gave her a gift card to Claire's boutique.  We headed to the mall so she could get her hands on the latest accessories. I hope you had a great time Kate because we sure enjoyed your company.

Saturday morning we went to Mikey and Lindsay's house. Lindsay and I are reading The Artist Way together. We had some good discussion around creativity and how we have been affect both positively and negatively when it comes to seeing ourselves as artists. Will helped Mikey in the yard while we enjoyed the Spring day on the porch.

We spent our afternoon/evening running a few errands and watching the Semi Finals in Basketball. We had some Pacificos which always remind me that summer is near. Mexican beer is my favorite when the weather gets warmer. For dinner we had mushroom burgers that were delicious. Will gave up meat for Lent so in some cases I did too. We have really enjoyed trying out new dishes. Who knew that being a vegetarian is so much cheaper?

Sunday we woke up and went to church. Will and I got in an argument right as we were walking to church. Awesome. I can be a little anal about being on time. There are three things that I like to be on time for: church, movies, and concerts. I feel like I have missed something if I am late.

On the way to church I was feeling a little rushed and so I was annoyed that I wouldn't be able to collect my thoughts and center myself before the service. Church ended and we walked home. I kept feeling a nudging at my soul to rest. All I did this weekend was create lists of to dos but when I finished I felt even more unrested. This is my pattern when I don't want to be still. I stay busy and I end up watching the weekend fly by me. I sat on our porch and tried to take in the day with my senses. I had this internal dialogue with God about resting and being more devoted to mediation. This is a frequent conversation that I have and it frustrates me to be here again. When I create this world of mad lists I am moody and snappy. I don't know how to stop my mind from taking over my day.

The minute my eyes open most days the list has begun. I try as hard as I can to block it out. I bury my head under a pillow but nothing seems to calm my anxiety. With heavy eyes I begrudging roll out of bed to the morning's first task. I hate it. I find myself moving at a pace that I don't want but it is like I can't stop myself.
As I am sitting on the porch I began to feel my body unwinding. Will brings out breakfast and we eat and talk and I find the calmness drift back to my soul.

Wouldn't it be great if the day ended there? It didn't. I didn't want to leave the apt. because I didn't want to rev my mind up again. But instead we headed off to book club. I was excited to find that the conversation we shared was very refreshing. I often find myself excited to be a part of this community.

We headed to the Botanical Gardens to do some reading. We were able to continue relaxing in the beautiful weather.

We headed home for dinner. We cooked Lime-and Honey Glazed Salmon with Warm Black Beans and Corn Salad courtesy of Rachael Ray. It was very tasty. Hope your weekend was filled with people and things that you love.

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