Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

We spent our weekend with these lovely people. Shelly and Jim Douglas are the ones I spoke about in my last post. They are some of the kindness people I have ever met. The weekend was really great. I don't know that I walked away with anything specific, but I enjoyed meeting other people who share a similar faith. The retreat was filled with times to reflect and meditate which replenished my soul. 

me, Shelly, Will, Lindsay, Mikey, and Jim
I went on a walk and found this beautiful robyn egg.
You can't really see the color but it is a teal color with
brown specs. I love the details of nature.
We headed to the Earth Day Festival on Sunday afternoon. It was a fundraiser for the Black Warrior River. We rode our bikes to the park (which was a big deal for me). We enjoyed music, some beer, all the wonderful weather.
proof (or did we just take a picture of
someone's bikes? It was us, you should have
seen me huffing and puffing)
There were many hula hoopers in attendance.
plenty of kids and pets all enjoying their day
And an ice cream truck. Who doesn't love ice
cream from one of these babies?

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