Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Juicy Art

I say I like change, but the truth is I am a slow changer. I am excited about our upcoming adventure, but I am also nervous about all the unknowns. Will and I have looked up the extra circular activities in Lusaka and have found that it looks much like Montgomery, AL. They have two shopping malls, a movie theater, and several dance clubs. I am sure we will explore these places while we live there but we are hoping for more cultural adventures. 

I want to find some local artists since I won't be able to work on projects regularly. I am excited to explore the art forms that are native to Lusaka. I am also interested to see how my creativity is affected by the lack of modern technology.  I won't have the chance to get jealous about other peoples creative talents. Sometimes I feel like my creativity is drying up because I am so busy looking at what else is out there instead of devoting time to my own talents. I enjoy getting ideas, but there seems to be a point where it turns into obsession and then discouragement   

One way that I have decided to keep my creative juices flowing is to start sketching. I bought a sketch book and I am currently debating where or not to buy a small set of paints. Depending on space issues I might bring my stamps too since I would like to keep in touch through letters.  Any suggestions for me on how to keep my art juices flowing?

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