Friday, June 17, 2011

Back Porch Beverages-Eucalyptus Martini

This drink stirred my curiosity. I wanted to see how eucalyptus tastes since it has a such refreshing smell. Here is what you will need:

50ml Tanqueray
25ml homemade eucalyptus syrup (since I didn't have any laying around I will show you how to make it)
12.5ml lime juice
3 drops of egg white

Bring water and sugar to a boil. Add
the eucalyptus leaves and let simmer
for a minute.
Strain leaves. Put eucalyptus syrup, lime
juice, Gin, and 3 drops egg white into
shaker. And shake it.
Add eucalyptus leaf for garnish.
Karen and Ben joined us on the Back Porch.

Comment: I would use less lime. It over powered the eucalyptus a little bit. This drink was very refreshing and light.


  1. 1. I wish I lived in B'ham so I could come over for Back Porch drinks. I love this!
    2. I've heard about using egg whites, but was always kind of iffy about it. Does it make the drink frothier?
    3. You look great and so, so happy!

  2. I wish you could come too. It would be good to see you. I understand the apprehension about the egg whites. It gave the drink a thin layer of froth but it wasn't thick. I wouldn't have known it was in there if you didn't tell me.