Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

So this is a jumbo weekend wrap up. I have missed a couple of weekends and am trying to catch up. Since I last blogged I made a trip to Seattle and celebrated with family at the lake. Let's start with Seattle pics.

I met my friend Kareen for breakfast one morning. 
Meet some Seattle friends for dinner at Toulouse. 
Participated in karoking which is a must.
K.J. rocked Avril Lavigne's complicated.
Hanging at Ozzie's
Madrona friends
This past weekend we spent some time with family. It was so great to get to see everyone and spend time in a familiar place.
Uncle Ken was teaching the girls how to fish
Mimi took them on the big tube.
Snack Time

We have so many wonderful friends and family. We are so glad to have gotten to say bye to so many. We love you all so much and will miss your faces and the sound of your voices in these next 10 months. We are excited but definitely scared of all the new adjustments. I will try to continue my blog while we are in Africa. The biggest factor for me is how fast the internet will be. Patience is not my strong suit and if it takes an hour to upload a picture I will either learn patience or go into fits of rage. Will has created a new blog for Zambia because we have to have password protected blogs. Here is the address If you want to follow us email me at and I will give you the password. If I decide to continue blogging separate from Will I will send the password along when I set it up.

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  1. Yes, please! Sign us up for both blogs.

    I know that this will be an amazing time for you both. Praying the Lord's peace and presence to be very near to you.

    I love you both and wish I could have seen your faces and heard your voices just once more... maybe we'll just have to host a welcome back party 10 months from now?!