Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zambia Food Fun-Fritters

You may be asking yourself what is a fritter? Well I will tell you: Fried Dough. Now for those of you from the South, you may be wondering, “Why didn't we think of that?” On the way to work Friday (and also the following Monday), we decided to stop and get some fritters at a road stand. These stands are pretty much all over. They sell anything from fruit to talk time for your cell phone. They keep the fritters warm in a covered bucket. They open this bucket up and give you the choice pickings. We asked if we could take a picture and the woman laughed. I told her we didn't have these in the States. Then she asked if I would take her picture and so I did. We gave her a zikomo (thank you in Nyanja) and she laughed and we headed to catch the bus. 

The local stands on the side of the road.
The maker of our fritters.
The beloved fritters.
Enthusiasm as the fried dough hits your lips.

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  1. the fried dough looks so good! hope you are feeling good!