Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Election Day

Today marked the Inaugural Chingombe Intern House Free and Fair Olympic Games (as coined by Will). Election day for Zambia means a public holiday for everybody. So to entertain ourselves we all came up with one relay for the Olympics. Here are the following events.

First event: find the hidden beer bottles. You have to stay with
your partner and be touching the water jug the whole time.
If you find a full beer you get two points and have to drink
it.Don't worry my partner took care of me.
Second Event: Get the toilet paper on the stick and back.
Third Event: push the water bottle
across the yard using your face.
Fourth Event: Pop the other person's
Fourth event: Wheel barrow race. Place the fruit in the bowl.
Sixth Event: Make the animal noise and mimic the animal
before hitting the water.
Award ceremony: Will's team won and mine came in 2nd.
The score sheet.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Love the idea. I want to see more belly pics ; ) !!!!

  2. Team Beërdtlũnd, Molly. Team Beërdtlũnd.

  3. You just cheered for him over me? Where is the girl love?