Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mmm coffee

 I have found the most wonderful café: Vasilis. It is my weekly oasis that I look forward to because I know it offers me the comforts I miss dearly. We were warned before we came that the coffee was not very good. I thought, ‘How bad could it be?” For those of you on the edge of your seat - it is bad. So bad that I have given up my daily coffee, and I LOVE coffee. Most of the coffee here is instant, which is another term for “brown water.” But back to this quaint café. It has a European mod feel. The walls are smattered with earthly tones of tile and other textured layers. It is crisp and clean with white décor. There are chandeliers hovering over rounded booths; huge glass doors that fold out like an accordion on to the patio. The patio is perched just above the local shoppers. It is a fantastic place to people watch. (Last time I was there a man came pivoting by with boxing gloves and shorts on hitting the air.) 

Creme filled ones

Iced ones.

Twisted ones

And last but not least... My Americano.

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  1. That is sad about the coffee. Do you need me to send you some? I will