Friday, October 21, 2011

A Case of the Mondays....All week long.

Lately I have been very cranky...just ask Will. It is October otherwise known as suicide month here in Zambia. We don't have air conditioners just fans. I get up from my desk and my entire backside is damp. I grumble all the way to the bathroom. (The rest of the day is pretty much a repetition of this.) All I can think about is being back in the States where everything is familiar and cooler. I am happy to be pregnant but carrying a little one in tow is like carrying an easy bake oven all the time.  Today when I was having lunch with Will it occurred to me I have the power to do something about my grouchiness so here are my solutions:
1} I am going to buy some ice packs to take with me to work so I can stay cool.

2} Go to Vasilis where they make homemade bread and get a baguette or two.  I don't have access to the foods that I love from home so I have to find substitutes which is hard in a country that has limited packaged food. Their bread melts in your mouth. I will keep it by the bed and when I wake up looking for something to eat at 3:00 am I will feed my face with all the bread I want.

3} Be Thankful. I will list off the things that I have to be thankful for when I can't kick the grouchies. This usually helps me get a little prospective.

4} Think about upcoming travel plans. Will and I made a list of things we wanted to do while we are here and have started finalizing the details.

Chobe National Park

Bat Migration in Northern Province, Zambia
Cape Town, South Africa

Zanzibar, Tanzania

I know no one feels sorry for me now. Hopefully these methods will work, only 18 weeks to go until the bean shows his/her face. I am excited even though I am grouchy.

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  1. I am sorry you are having a time. I was not pregnant in the summer, but even still, i have an air conditioner so i can not imagine being pregnant and hot. I hear it is bad. However, Great ways to stay positive and choosing to be in a good mood. I am very jealous of your travel plans by the way.

    I love you and miss you and can not wait to see that baby!!!