Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chobe National Park

Last weekend we took a bus down to Livingstone with our roommates. On Sunday morning Will and I went on a safari in Botswana which is only about an hour from Livingstone. The safari started by boat where we saw plenty of animals drinking water and staying cool. Because it is the end of the dry season all the animals are looking for water so they all congregate at the same watering holes. That afternoon we got in a Land Cruiser and headed for the plains. Since this is the slowest time of year and the hottest we were the only ones in the truck. We stayed the night in Chobe and camped out. Beside our guide and the cook we were also the only ones at the campsite. It was such a nice time for Will and I to get away and have some time together. 

The morning boat ride.

One of the 120,000 African elephants at Chobe.

An Impala

While we were on the boat safari these guys decided to pass
over to the other side.
They held on to each other by the tail with their trunks.
It was so incredible.
The waterbuck also known as the animal that sat on the
painted toilet seat.
Lioness braving the heat.
A Cape Buffalo
Year old lion cubs
Isn't this guy the cutest? There were tons of baby elephants.
Our guide said this was the time of year a lot of the elephants
gave birth.
A Sable
We saw some more lions out prowling for their
dinner as we were headed to camp.


  1. WONDERFUL! i can not believe all the amazing things you are getting to see. The closest i will get to seeing all of those amazing animals is in the zoo, and you know how i feel about zoos! ; )

  2. you are having so many amazing experiences! I miss you!!