Sunday, October 9, 2011

Livingstone-Permission to hate me

I would like to add that while it has been great being in Africa it hasn't made my life any easier or happier. It is easy for me to see travel pictures and think man I wish I was there I bet things would be different. I still get lonely, bored, sad, and frustrated. I haven't found the cloud of happiness. Just something to keep in mind when you see the following pictures.

Last month we went to Livingstone for a long weekend. We took a bus 8 hours south. It was much like a Greyhound in the States, but no bathroom. We stayed at a hostel in town. Livingstone is filled with extreme activities like white water rafting, bungy jumping, or ziplining between cliffs. Since I wasn't allowed to do any of these things my trip was a little more laid back than Will's. I read by the pool and played with lion cubs. It was pretty great. Will got to go rafting on the Zambezi which he loved. We also got to see Victoria Falls and swim in Devil's Pool. I waited to post this piece hoping the couple we met would email the pictures from Devil's Pool, but no luck yet. I will post them later. I have to say I have been to some incredible places, but Victoria Falls trumps them all. Who wouldn't love a place where there is always a rainbow?

Walking from the bus to the hostel.

Roaming Zebras

Victoria Falls at Sunset.
There is that beautiful rainbow.
Me just playing with a baby lion...crazy. They will let you
 do just about anything in Africa.
The guides on the lion walk.
Victoria Falls...see what I mean. There was a double rainbow.
I kid you not.
Momma giraffe just hanging out.

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  1. WOW! in freakingcredible . I am so jealous and can not believe all the wild animals you are so close to and get to touch! AMAZING!!!