Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Spice is Right

After leaving Ethiopia we headed to Zanzibar, Tanzania. We checked into our hostel and headed for a seafood dinner. The restaurant over looked the beach where we watched as the children played soccer and the boats came in from the day.

The next day we went on a spice tour. Zanzibar is known for its spices. They export the bulk of them. It was crazy hot but very interesting.

Now we will play the game guess that spice, herb, or fruit. Whoever gets the most right wins a souvenir from Africa. (you think I'm kidding)








Post your answers in the comment box and I will give the answers at the end of the week.


  1. Fun! here i go.
    1. want to say ginger but know it is not that color so i give up.
    2. onions
    3. sap ( is that good enough )
    4. green beans
    5. looks an awful lot like a pomagranite ( can't spell ) but the outside does not. Hmmm not sure.
    6. No clue
    7. Inside reminds me of a coconut but outside does not.

    I so badly wanted to cheat, but i did not!

  2. What are the answers? Im dying to know.