Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

We had a great weekend being with friends. Friday evening we had the Adams Family over. We had delicious veggie burgers which you may remember from this post. They of course got to meet baby Vivi and she was hamming it up

On Saturday evening we headed to the Lebanese food festival with the Hannon's. Will and I had the vegetarian dish which included spinach pies, rice, loobia, Lebanese salad and pita bread. It was fantastic except that we got there too late and they sold out of doughnuts.They had a band and dancers that paraded around with hip scarfs adorned with coins. People got up and danced around the food tent as the band played. I love a cultural celebration. 

{snap} I was bummed  that I forgot my camera.
On Sunday we headed out to Earthbound's Earth Fest. Will and I have attended the last two years and have had a blast. It is a fundraiser for the Black Warrior Riverkeeper organization. Will pulled out his old tye dye t-shirt and overralls. I however didn't have anything that screamed hippy (shocking I know) so I went with earth tones.

Relaxing to the music.

She is serious about the earth people.

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