Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrapup-Gip's Place

Will took me on a surprise date this weekend. The Powell's (the couple on the right in the picture below) knew of just the perfect place. We started our 20 minute drive to Lipscomb, Alabama. We veer off the interstate and creep through a sleepy neighborhood. We pull up to a house with a row of cars lined down the street. I could here the music playing in the distance. I was so confused. I knew for a fact we didn't know anyone in Lipscomb Alabama. We walk up to this sign (these are the times I love Alabama and its hidden gems).

I soon find out I am at Gip's place where the only requirements are a love for music and a laid back attitude. What is Gip's place you ask? Gip Gibson is a man who has been hosting bands in his backyard for 60 years. Several years back someone built a stage and several seating areas which is how you would find Gip's if you went today.

Gip's specialty is jazz. When we arrived a woman was singing Etta James' "At Last". This was the first song Will and I danced to after we were we married. I leaned over and said, "If you asked me to dance I wouldn't say no."

That's us in white dancing under tensile and white lights.

Gip in the flesh
He walks around greeting everyone eager to pose with his fellow music lovers. He likes to call people out of the crowd for a photo. Note random photo below.

Sunday morning I got to enjoy my coffee with this cutie pie. She is growing so fast. She has been sleeping through the night except for a few hiccups here and there. We decided it is time for her to start sleeping in her own room. Later that day we invited the Hannons to read with us the blessing for a baby's room out of our common prayer book. We lit incense and a candle as a symbolic reminder of God's presence with her and then we all prayed for Vivi.  It was a sweet time.


  1. Oh Gip's looks amazing. That Will is a good man. I'm glad he's yours.

    And Miss Vivi! What a special day for her.

  2. I so.... want to go to Gips. IT looks like so much fun and how perfect, the song that was playing. LOVE!!!

    I love the idea of praying over Vivi girls room. I miss you all so much!!!