Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

I love the fall because it is packed with so many holidays and fun activities. The weather is cooler which in the south is something you start dreaming about in May. You get to pull out slightly warmer clothes, drink spiced beverages and watch the leaves change. 

This past week we finally got around to carving our pumpkin patch pumpkins. As a kid this was not a tradition that I remember doing every year, but one I really loved. Since having Vivi and really before I want to mark each season with certain traditions. 

As a house we gathered all our materials and convened at the kitchen table to get started.  While  we carved away I toasted the pumpkin seeds so we would have a snack while we worked.

A little before shot.
She is serious.

The artist.

This is my favorite part, digging out the seeds.

We made cajun spiced seeds and sweet cinnamon seeds.

Tadah!! The one on the left is the monical monastic (our house name) and the other one is Vivi as a pumpkin.
Them in all their lit up glory.

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