Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrapup- Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was pretty relaxed which is what we needed since our whole house had been sick. Saturday morning we headed to the pumpkin patch. Will and I did this with my nieces two years ago and had a great time. We went to Hayden, Alabama this year to get our pumpkin. We enjoyed a hayride, watched some kids dance, and took a few photos.

House photo.

The perfect pumpkin.

Will is giving Vivi tips on picking her pumpkin.

We thought we found the perfect one but wanted to look a little more.

Fall photos

The stem is the best part.

And one more for great grandma Molly.

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  1. Rach, i do not get on my computer a lot these days so i am not able to comment but i look at your blog using my phone and IT is very difficult to respond. I read it often! That sweet Vivi is getting so big and beautiful as always! I miss you and love you all and hope to talk to you soon. Playing phone tag stinks but i know we are both busy with our kiddos!!