Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap up- Welcome Fall Welcome

This past weekend was a world wind. Will is still on his rural rotation which means he is gone during the week and home for the weekend. When he got in on Friday we headed to the Greek Orthodox church for their food festival. We met Charlie (and his parents) who is one of Vivi's friends from lactation group. We all sampled a smattering of the food and let me tell you it was delicious. 

A little face time.

Baby chicken fighting.
Checking out the parking meter.
On Saturday afternoon we kept my nieces so their parents could go to the Alabama game. We went to Railroad park, made pizza, had craft time, and performed an experiment with soap. By the exhaustion on their faces that night I would say they had a good time.

Trying out the baby swing.

I know fall officially started on the 22nd of September, but I have not been in the fall mood. The reason being is because it is still pretty hot here. The weather dipped into the 80s this past week so I decided it was time to kick off some fall traditions.

We bought a variety pack of fall beers.
Sunday morning we made a pumpkin coffee cake.

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