Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Wrapup-Interview Style

This past weekend was busy. Will and I headed to Jacksonville Florida for his first interview. We had dinner with all the residents on that Thursday evening and Friday was his big interview day. While he interviewed my job was to explore the city. I made it to several neighborhoods, stopped at the beach, and had lunch in the park. I think I got the best part of that deal. We started back Friday evening and found ourselves sitting in traffic for 2 hours waiting on a wreck to clear. When we finally were able to move we counted 21 cars in the wreck. So crazy, hopefully there weren't any fatalities. We finally arrived home at 1am, but not before stopping at Krispy Kreme. We felt we needed a reward for being on the road so long.


On Saturday Will got up with Vivi and let me sleep in which I did until 11am...what a sweet man. It was raining here so we took it easy and enjoyed a lazy afternoon. That evening we headed to the Troxler/Fitz wedding to celebrate.

Sunday was filled with preparing for the week ahead. When Will leaves for the week we fix food for him to eat on all week. This week we fixed vegetarian lasagna, soup, a ham, and banana nut bread. Before we could do that we had to go to the grocery store which is a nightmare on Sundays because everyone is there. The rest of the day we rested. Will wanted to fix fried green tomatoes since we had some in the garden. I had never had them before. I have to say he did a great job they were delicious.

{the recipe he used}
He used flour, corn meal, egg, milk, and bread crumbs.

Fried them up.

We ate them with our 15 bean soup.

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