Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A new tradition I started a few years ago was the hidden pickle. It is supposedly an old German custom. Someone hides the pickle, and whoever finds it gets an extra present. This year we decided to do a Sunday Monocle Monastic Movie Mattinee every week the whole month of December. The pickle-finder picks the movie and a treat that they want to share. Lindsay found the pickle so she got to pick the movie. She chose the pensive classic Scrooged, which most of us hadn't seen. We nestled into our den and watched Bill Murray while sipping peppermint milk shakes. It was delightful.

A pickle-finder like no other

Later that day we decorated the tree. This year we got a little edgy, mixing both white and colored lights (Mikey Hannon prefers the term "lights of color"). We blended all our ornaments for a perfectly decorated tree.

We also had some visitors. Edward and his brother Cory, our neighbors, stopped by to join us. Vivi thinks that Edward is the funniest.

May we present to you our 2012 Christmas tree: Uncle Moneybags

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