Friday, January 25, 2013

Sewing-ish Project

This year for Christmas we drew names. Foz got my name and he gave me a fabric cutter and some material {which I suspect was his wife Kristen}. Well only a few weeks earlier I spotted some chairs at Will's parents house and asked if they were getting rid of them. They didn't have any place for them so they gave them to us. I was so excited because they had a fun retro feel to them. The only thing they needed was a little TLC. There were four of them and four pieces of material it was all so perfect.

I love these patterns!
The old foam was pretty rotten and by the time I finished scrapping it off my hands were black.
Lindsay and I played around to figure out how to get the material tight.
There was lots of hot glue involved.
Lots of rusty screws.
The finished product.
A little coffee nook.

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