Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Banner

When I was growing up we had a happy birthday banner. It was made out of metallic cardstock-ish paper with metal connectors. The colors were: red, gold, green, and blue. They shimmered the way a flashlight does when it is running low on batteries. It didn't hang alone there were also Garfield coloring book pages that were specifically birthday themed

Whenever it was someone's birthday I would pop out of bed and head to the china cabinet. We kept our sign and coloring pages in the drawers below (you know right under the fancy china). I'm telling you birthdays have always been special. I would rush out to the mantle and hang the banner and pages from the nails left from Christmas.  I was always very careful to beat the birthday honoree up so they would be totally surprised even though I did this every year. I loved it and I hope to pass that excitement on to Vivi and any other friends or family I have the privilege to celebrate with.

Viola will turn one tomorrow, Frank (my father in law) has a birthday on Saturday and Will turns 30 the following week. Needless to say we have need for a birthday banner. Don't worry I took care of it. You may remember this fabric from this previous project. I used the left overs to make the banner.

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