Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Orleans here we come!!!

This past weekend was very exciting because we finally found out where we will be for Will's residency. We were so excited we started celebrating on Thursday.

I found this recipe in one of the Hannon's cookbooks.
Grapefruit and mint soda.
Friday morning we headed to the conference center and waited anxiously as they called the students up 3 by 3. I hadn't planned on going onstage, but decided I wanted to be there when he opened the envelope for the first time. We slipped behind the stage and Will handed me the envelope while he held Vivi. I opened it and it read Congratulation you matched at Ochsner. We both smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.
Vivi and I walked onstage as Will read out where we were going.
 Afterwards we headed to Matt and Mimi's house to eat lunch and celebrate with family. His whole family came up from Troy to watch the ceremony. My mom was also able to be there.

Vivi spending some time with her granna.
Ms. Ann is teaching her a nursery rhyme.

A little mingling in the sun.

I woke up on Saturday and I wanted beignets, but the dough needed to chill for 24 hours so we went with doughnuts.

We had to get creative with our cutters.
Don't you just love a doughnut hole?
I know a lot of grease, but we were celebrating.

Nutella, sprinkles, powdered, and nutella with chocolate sprinkles.

Sadly Will is in Huntsville most of the month so he headed back Saturday afternoon. On Sunday Mom, Vivi, and I headed to Railroad Park.
We had a picnic.

We introduced Mimi to Steel City Pops.
 Later that afternoon I attended a baptism in our church's garden while mom watched Vivi for me. It was perfect weather and a very sweet ceremony.

I had to add this one.


  1. SO excited for you all and even excited for me that you will not be that far! i have never been to New Orleans ( crazy i know ) so i look forward to visitng ; ) . Sweet Viola is growing up so fast. I miss you all!!!


    ps. are you planning on making an appearance on duck dynasty will? Kidding, i love the beard!

  2. Yay NOLA!! My best friend lives there - her husband is a pediatric oncologist at Children's Hospital. She moved there from Dothan after grad school and has loved it!

    Ya'll will probably have an automatic group of friends there, but if you are looking for good people, let me know :)
    (I've actually been scoping out jobs there for myself!)

  3. SO thrilled for you guys! And that last picture of Vivi is stunning. One of my favorites of her!