Friday, July 26, 2013

Our New Place {Decorated}

Our home is a duplex that is affectionately referred to as a "shotgun". This is a common style in New Orleans. It is basically a house that goes straight back. The idea is that a person could shoot a shotgun from the front and hit the back. I will start the tour at the front door and work my way back.

Living Room
Living Room

Office/Dining Room
We were given new chairs that I would like to upholster at some point.

Collage in the office/dining room. You may remember those wood pieces from this post.
The Kitchen
Our chalkboard wall which I LOVE!!  Our landlord was pretty great to let us paint this space.

Another piece we were given by Will's cousin. It was perfect for our books and microwave.

More books and old kitchen utensils that belonged to my great aunt.
Our room.
More of our room.

Vivi's room.

Her branch made it from Alabama.

Flags from the old house and her Africa picture.

It was tough to get good pictures because of the narrowness of the house. I mostly used everything we had before. I plan on putting lights in the back at some point, but it is too hot at the moment so I am saving that project until we can enjoy them.  I have one more picture to get framed and then I think we will be finished. We love this place. It fits us perfectly and it has been so fun to decorate.

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  1. Love, love, love it!!!! Love the kitchen utensils that where your great aunts.