Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Help

"Tensions will be high and broken by the rain of mercy..God's gracies." - See you in a Hundred Years

About two months ago I really lost it. Not just a little but almost every day for about two weeks. Vivi was cutting 4 teeth at once, refusing to nap, and I was exhausted from pregnancy. God and I had a tussle. I stomped my feet, yelled, and cried.  In my tantrums I had asked God for help. It felt like I was drowning. We had moved to a new city, Will had started a new job, and I didn't know very many people. To say the least I was lonely.  I needed help. In the coming weeks we had people contacting us to let us know they would be vacationing in New Orleans, attending a conference, or they just wanted to see us. I was amazed at how quickly God so graciously sent all these wonderful people.  Each and every one of them played with Vivi, engaged me in grown up conversation, and/or laughed with me. 

God in Her goodness gave me mercy. ..drops of mercy.

One Ms. Tracy Kouns (and John)
Claire Harmon
Aunt Mimi and Uncle Matt
My mom
The Hannons
The Lumpkin and Cobb Families
Andrea and Jesse Adams
Rita and Frank (Will's parents)

The Barefield's all the way from Montana.
To all of you who have visited thank you and to anyone considering a visit…COME ON. 

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