Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Days

Will was off for 5 days over Christmas so we made the most of our time off with family. We headed to Troy to partake in Williams Family Christmas which for the last 2 years has been themed and packed with fun. Will's family decided when all the kids started asking for money that they would need to earn their Christmas. Every year they plan an amazing theme along with teams and challenges. This year it was Hunger Games. We were assigned teams and districts and completed tasks such as: trivia, bonfire lighting (w/o matches) , find the resources (green and red flags), pass the food (a relay), an obstacle course, and archery. It was pretty amazing. 

Hunger Games Christmas
I didn't help my team out in the archery category, but I felt
 pretty bad ass wearing a baby.   
Lit with a 9 volt battery and steel wool.
District 10-Livestock
District 3-Electronics
District 7-Lumber and District 5-Electricity (Vivi's favorite)
Effie and Caesar
An innocent bystander.
District 9-Wheat

We headed to Montgomery the following Monday to see my family. Several of my family members hadn't met Bern and it has been a while since they had seen Viola. It was so fun to open presents and see all the kids play. We packed up on Christmas Day and headed back home so Will could be at work the next day. It was fast, but oh so much fun.

The cousins

Aunt Kim and Uncle Chad
Snuggle Time
Family Photo
Play Time


  1. So fun! I need to figure out how to become a member of the WIlliams clan.... do ya'll adopt 34 year olds?? :)

    1. Yes we do!! 34 yr old are our favorite! When are you coming to NOLA?