Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Epiphany!!

We celebrated Epiphany yesterday since Will was off work. We went for simple and created our king cake from the Pillsbury Cinnabon  cinnamon rolls. The last three years we have celebrated Epiphany we have done it with the Hannons. Since we no longer live in the same town we will have to celebrate when we see them next. We haven't found the baby yet since we were unable to finish the cake ourselves, but trust me we got pretty close.

We also started a new tradiition this year. Since Epiphany is the celebration of when the Wise Men found baby Jesus we finally joined them back with our nativity scene (they had been travelling around all Christmas season..kinda..they got stuck a few days). The Wise Men also bring a gift for the family, but I ran out of time to pick something up. In the future I think we will do a Christmas movie or when they get older a board game. Thankfully the kids are too young and didn't know any different.

Unroll the cinnamon rolls and braid them.

Our baby courtesy of the Hannons. It's legit from New Orleans.

A little glaze and sprinkles.


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