Monday, March 10, 2014

Viola's Arctic Themed Birthday

We celebrated Viola's 2nd birthday this past Saturday. I wanted to keep it simple and that we did. In my opinion a brunch was perfect. Who doesn't love brunch food first of all and secondly everyone was still able to get their afternoon nap. We had snowflake waffles, a veggie quiche, a sun-dried tomato and sausage quiche, fruit and birthday cake. I used the sign I made last year and cut out a few paper snowflakes.

An Arctic Party isn't complete without a walrus cake

We used the napkins my mom made.

Hung our birthday banner.

Took a snapshot with the birthday girl.

Hung the snowflakes.

Set the table.

Topped our waffles.


Enjoyed our guests.

Mingled More.


Investigate fire on a cake.

With a little help put that fire out.

Before I forget here is the walrus that was the inspiration for her party. Without him this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you Mr. Walrus.

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  1. Such a great party rach! I can NOT believe she is TWO!!!