Friday, December 10, 2010

Tradition 10- Williams Family Tradition

This contribution highlights another Christmas tradition: Guest Bloggers.  Will Williams is an aspiring physician and incredible lover.  I know personally, because he's my husband. 

Presenting Will Williams:
 The Guest Blogger

"...ere' he drove out of sight, 'Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!'"  The fire is burning and the tree is on and the television is off and we are gathered in my grandmother's den.  As she reaches for Luke's account of Jesus's coming, Christmas Eve is here.  In the morning, we will rise and sift through wrapping paper and boxes.  In the morning, we will dig into stockings stuffed with oranges and walnuts and selections from Parisians' center aisle displays.  But tonight there are no gifts.  There is simply togetherness and expectation and rice crispy treats and divinity.  Something magical happens here.  The rush of life, accelerated for the past few weeks (or, for the perpetually late Williams family, the past week) has stilled.  Noise is conspicuously absent, replaced with rich sounds of laughter and Glenn Miller's "White Christmas."   And this Moment is my favorite Christmas tradition.  There are no real particulars of this Moment, nothing that is essential or even intentionally replicable.  But I know when it has arrived.  I know that it is good.  May you find just such a Moment this season.

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