Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tradition 9- Christmas Services

I love a good Christmas service, candlelight services are my all time favorite. I drove by this church last week on the way home and I saw their sign "December Advent Concerts."  I thought I am there. They had a choir from a local university come perform.  Their voices were nothing short of angelic. I had hoped for more traditional Christmas songs but when I heard them it didn't matter anymore. Most Christmas seasons I work myself into a major ball of stress. I plan too much and make myself crazy trying to check everything off my list. I decided I was going to this service as a time of rest. I am learning if I don't stop in the midst of my busy to dos I end up missing everything.  I always think I will rest when I have completed the list, but I am so wound up I usually just find something else to occupy my time.  I wasn't as settled as I would have liked to have been but at least I set aside time. I hope your holiday season will be filled with moments of rest.. 

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  1. great reminder... i need to find a good christmas concert...