Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Latest

We have been busy since we have been back. Here are a few of the highlights. 

My Niece, Meg, turned 5 this month.

What a sweetie!

Sister looks on in curiosity.

She is a girl that knows what she wants. A special
Krispie Kreme request.

We got her Spin Art.

I have finally been able to organize my craft area.

This a branch that I had been eying. It was dead so I didn't
feel so bad for asking Will to knock it down out of the tree.
I have slowly been adding different crafts to it.

A present for a friend that had twin boys.

It snowed here. Everyone freaked out as

Then everything froze and I got the car stuck.
We had to pour hot water on the ice to melt it.

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  1. oooo.... i love the craft area. i want to come over and play.