Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vacation Eye Candy

While on our trip I was often distracted by all the creative text. Since I have been writing this blog and tapping into my creative side I have become more attentive to what is around me. Here is what I saw...

This was on the window at a burger joint in Australia.
I thought this would be great in a cafe.
Surprisingly this was in the Australia airport.
I wasn't sure what a fake Kiwi looked like but this person is
apparently the real deal.
Found this one in an area called Mission Bay. 
I justed like this one.

This is just funny.
This a bar/restaurant we went to called
Northern Steamship.
I loved all the decor and graphics.
They had hanging lamps on the ceiling.
And a fabulous round bookcase.


  1. Rachel- I love this post! Those lamps are wonderful! Thanks for the candy...

  2. this is great... love the "made with love" on the window... and one of those made me pee in my pants... i think you can guess which one.