Thursday, February 17, 2011

We made our cards.The one I made is on
the left and his is on the right. You may not
know this but Will is an excellent card maker.
I will have to showcase all of his wonderful
cards on my blog. They are my favorite.

I love this sign.

Isn't it great?

Thank you to the great woman at the theater for taking this

We had a great Valentine's Day. Will took me to see Casablanca at The Alabama Theater. I have never been to the theater or seen Casablanca. The Alabama Theater was so beautiful inside. There was so much detail etched everywhere and amazing chandeliers. My camera wasn't able to catch all the architectural goodness.

 The movie was ok. I can appreciate that it is a classic and how different movies are now, but  I wasn't WOWed by it..sorry all you Casablanca fans. I love movies but I haven't seen a lot of classics. I am going to make it my mission to see more classics this year. I did recently see The Wizard of Oz.  It is amazing how many one liners there are in that movie and in Casablanca. What is you favorite classic movie?

All you Birminghamers: The Alabama Theater will have 80's at 8 on Thursdays in March. I can't wait. They are holding a contest to see who has the best 80s attire. I was made for this contest. Grab your puffy sleeve prom dress or bubble suit (if you want to go more casual) and let's go.


  1. You are SO gonna win!!
    Do you still on the metallic blue lacy dress that you wore so well that Rush? (I've got pics!)

    Sounds like a fund time. I didn't realize you were in B'ham now. So many of my friends are there, hopefully soon I can take a trip!

  2. Oh I am so in on 80s night! In fact, maybe craft night should just involve wardrobe planning :)
    As for favorite classic movie...Breakfast at Tiffanys and Roman Holiday! Dang, I love old movies!

  3. ohhh... i really liked casablanca when i saw it... you need to watch breakfast at tiffany's if you haven't already. those 2 were on my 30 by 30 list... next up is fiddler on the roof... but i'm a sucker for musicals.