Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday Evening- This is how our weekend started. Our closet collapsed. Boo Hiss!

We had our first ever DFC, which stands for Dialogical Film Club. I can't take credit for the creation of this group. K.J. Swanson is the founder of this discussion group. She is a friend from Seattle. She decided that watching a movie where dialog was interjected through out the movie was more fun. We would watch pop culture movies and discuss why we thought they were so appealing to our culture. Will has wanted to bring the DFC to the southeast so that is what we did. We had 10 people over on Friday and discussed Demand (from  previous post). The conversation touched on topics of porn and the overly sexualized culture we live in. Then we got into the discussion of how we found out about sex and how our parents chose to communicate about this topic. Someone else posed the question: How do you plan to talk about sex with your kids or anyone younger? 

Saturday Day- I ran errands and took some pictures. In Birmingham we have had several "You Are Beautiful" paintings pop up over town. I have passed this one multiple times and I have never had my camera with me. However on Saturday I was ready to capture its beauty.

Saturday evening we went to dinner with my brother and his wife. We ate at Sol y Luna. We had a variety of tapas and sampled a few of their signature drinks. We ended the evening at the Garage.

Sunday Morning-I got to go and hear Dr.John Perkins. He is a gifted man. He spoke about reconciliation. He has been a leader in community development for thirty years. He spoke of how capitalism has become our Christianity. He also spoke of the ways in which we as a church have segregated ourselves from each other by race and that as Christians we are to be the voice of unity. He spoke with such boldness and shared difficult truths. I believe that what he said is true of the church. We do foster capitalism, neglect the poor, condone racism, and step on others in our greed. I am not saying all churches but a large majority of churches (middle class/white churches) preach a gospel of prosperity,comfort, materialism, and gated communities.(which tend to be middle class values)

He has written several books. Let Justice Roll Down is his biography. I would recommend it, it is an excellent book. It is fascinating how a man that was harmed to his core is able to be set free of the vice of anger to love those people that have caused him such pain.

Sunday Mid-day- I went hiking at Oak Mountain with Claire. We got lost, saw owls and hawks, found the waterfall, and last but not least reenacted the log scene from Dirty Dancing.

Peavine Falls
Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray
We own the yellow trail.


  1. We had lots of You are Beautiful signs pop up in P'cola after Ivan. I loved them! Wish I had more pics of those now.

  2. Fun weekend minus the closet mishap. I miss you and you are beautiful... or bearutiful as I originally typed.