Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

Normally I use pictures to capture the weekend but I let a friend borrow my camera so my words are what I have to give you.

Friday night- We drove to Troy to visit Will's parents. We stopped off for dinner at Whitney and Bryant Yarbrough's house so we could meet their new son William. He is beautiful. Some babies are just cuter than others and he is one of them.

Saturday Morning- My mother and her best friend Patti brought my nieces down to the farm. If you don't know Will's family has a small zoo. They have about 15 buffalo, 30 cows, 1 donkey, 2 horses, 9 dogs, 5+ cats, 2 geese, several chickens, and an African grey parrot. Needles to say the girls were enamored by all the animals. We worked up an appetite and headed to Monarcas for lunch to celebrate Will and Frank's (his dad) birthday . Then we spent the afternoon doing our own thing. Will needed to study and I had some books I wanted to read. The Artist's Way is a book I will be posting about each Wednesday as I work through it with a friend. If anyone wants to read it with us via blogland I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

We ended our evening with pizza and a movie.We watched Inception starring Leonardo Dicaprio. I would recommend it. I was really impressed with the creativity and the artistic talent that went into making the movie.

Sunday- We headed home so we could get back for a lunch at the church we have been attending. We have been wanting to meet more people our age and this was a chance to get more connected. It was brief but nonetheless I enjoyed the conversations that I had. We then headed to a book study that began back in November. It is called Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark's Story of Jesus. The author, Ched Myers, re-examines Mark and challenges the American hermeneutical lens that we bring to scripture. 

Then we headed home!!! I had a great weekend but I was so tired and ready to be home on my couch doing absolutely nothing.

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