Friday, February 25, 2011

Handkerchief to Bonnet

You will need an ironed 10x10 handkerchief.
Fold one end an inch and then iron flat.
Use a basting stitch and stitch along the fold.
Pull the thread so it gathers and then tie the ends.
Fold the other end 3 inches and iron. 
Place the ribbon in between and tack it on.
A bonnet. 

Here is the poem that you put with it:

Magic Hanky

i'm just a little hanky.
As square as can be,
But with a little stitch or two,
They made a bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn from the hospital.
Or on the Christening Day;
Then I'll be carefully pressed
and neatly packed away.

For her Wedding Day,
So we've all been told,
Every well-dressed bride must have
That something old.

So what could be more fitting
Than to find little me,
A few stitches snipped,
And a Wedding Hanky I'll be !

And, if perchance it is a boy
Someday he'll surely Wed,
So to his bride he can present the hanky
Once worn upon his head.

Make sure that you don't stitch too tightly so it can easily be cut. I love this gift. A friend of our family did this for my mom when I was a baby. My mother gave me the bonnet on my wedding day and we cut it so I could use it as a handkerchief. Of course you can dress it up however your creative heart desires.


  1. I got one of these for my last child 13 years ago but never thought of making one myself. Now I just have to find someone expecting a baby.

  2. Need pretty hankies? Find lots of handkerchiefs here:

  3. I can't seem to find the portion that shows the poem