Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Weekend's Events


We got to hang out with this fun couple Friday night. We went to Tapped: A Food and Beer Pairing at Ted's Garage. It was cramped but we managed to get around to all the tables and sampled all the goodies. 

I bid on these two photos and won the silent auction. These were taken    by a local artist named Michelle Summers. 

                                  I got to relax on Saturday while Will studied. I made button flowers and hung some lanterns on our balcony. The weather was a cozy 65 degrees which made for a perfect day for a walk. It made me excited for all two weeks of spring that are to come.

                Cheddar-Studded Chili Turkey Burgers with Cilantro Cream by Rachel Ray. I got a Rachel Ray cookbook for my birthday. Will and I have been trying to eat healthier so we have been making nicer meals twice a week. This was last week's cooking creation.                                                                                  

On Saturday evening we got to spend time with one Christopher Barefield. We challenged him to a game of Scrabble. The game started with Chris in the lead. The first two words to be played were porn and firm. We knew it was going to be a good game. Will trailed the whole time to come back and beat both of us.While playing we enjoyed decaf coffee in our new coffee mugs from Morgan.(Will's sister) 


  1. um...yummy burgers! It looks delicious!

  2. awesome post! love the pics you won. and those button flowers? so cute! we are loving the snow, although I'm sure it'd be a different story if we had to dig our car out of it every morning! miss you, love you!

  3. love the button flowers... and super jealous about your hang out time with laura... i miss that girl. do you think we could all just go back to the summer of 2000 and share a room at the spyglass??

  4. Rachel this is the one and only picture I have allowed to be taken of me while being so pregnant, I should have known it would end up on the internet!! You better put one up when Im not so fat! ;) Love you, great blog. You knew I had to look after your slip up last night of telling me my pic was on here, the very one I told you to delete!! =)