Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night- We had our second DFC. We watched The Goonies and discussed imagination and creativity. We watched as these kids struggled whether or not to hope in the impossible. The question was posted: What happens to our imagination and our willingness to dream, to hope, and to create as we get older? So often I think that we are told life should look this way and this is the prescribed method of accomplishing it. We don't travel or take the job that would evoke our gifts because well we are already "settled". It would be too much trouble to do what we love. It would cost us too much heartache or possible disappointment to do what brings us back to living. I think the America dream hinders our ability to think outside the box.

Saturday morning was beautiful. We decided we would take a walk. I brought the camera so I could take some pictures. This tree is one of my favorites. I watched it bloom all last year and never got around to taking a picture of its petite little blossoms. I have no idea what kind of tree it is. After it blooms the whole tree is covered in leaves that are shaped like hearts. Will also exercised his photography skills as well.



Late morning we headed over to the community garden which is located in the West end of town. We learned about composting and planting. We met a man named Miran who spoke of the relationship he has with the earth. He said when we enter into any relationship we have to give something. He said it is the same with the earth. When we give good things to the earth, the earth will give good things to us.

Saturday evening we were pooped. We caught up on some of our shows and watched some basketball. This is the first time I have ever filled out a bracket. I am in 4th place as of Saturday. My friend Smruti would be proud.

Sunday morning we attended a brunch for a couple that recently got engaged. We headed back home and Will started studying and I decided to make my first batch of bread. I had any old roommate, Colleen, that used to make bread and it smelled so good and tasted even better. I gave it a shot. It turned out ok. It tasted fine but the outside was really hard. I had in mind bread that would be softer like the kind at the grocery store. I will have to try again.

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