Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon-Claire came over for Happy Hour. I will post later about our delicious cocktails.

Friday evening we headed to Karen's house for dinner.  Karen and Ben are classmates of Will's at UAB. She prepared authentic Egyptian food for us to eat. We dined on the front lawn as the neighbors walked by. There is something about eating outside that makes me feel like life isn't moving so fast . When I lived in Seattle we would bring our kitchen table out back and all eat dinner as the sun was setting...delightful memories. After dinner we dyed Easter eggs and discovered new techniques thanks to our lovely hosts. Who said you have to have kids to dye eggs? Here are our beautiful creations.

Saturday morning- I woke up and decided that I was finally going to go get flowers for the apartment. I have been wanting to do this for weeks now, but hadn't been able. There is a wholesale florist in town that has a variety of different flowers. I wanted two of my favorites: ranunculus' and poppies. They had the ranunculus (the yellow ones) but sadly I found out that poppy season was already over. I had missed them by 2 months. So I perused the other flowers and found one that looked like paper. It is called scabrosa (the white flowers) which sounds like something you may catch in a dodgie bar, but nonetheless it is pretty. I put the flowers all over the apartment and now it officially feels like spring. I think getting flowers every year around Easter will be another tradition that I start.

Saturday afternoon/evening we went to the Allday's house for more egg dying and family fun. Will got to meet Silas for the first time. He is such a precious baby. Then Laura decided we all needed to learn how to play bridge. What we didn't know is bridge is a very complex games with many rules. I guess that is why bridge seems like such a snooty game. We put our most stuck up voices on and gave it a try. We decided when we actually learn all the rules we will dress up in big hats and smoking jackets and play for real.

Sunday-Easter morning we met our friends Mikey and Lindsay at The Original Pancake House. We all indulged in the items we gave up for Lent. Will and I headed to church which took place in the garden. We sat under magnificent old tress, with the wind blowing ever so gently, and shared in the Easter service. We stayed for lunch and then headed home. We took some time to read and relax. That afternoon we were off to book club followed by more food and more friends. It was a really great day. I hope everyone's Sunday was able to be spent with those you love.

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  1. what a fun weekend! i love the flowers. i have been saving spagetti jars for just that thing. i love fresh flowers in non-traditional containers. do i ever buy flowers? no. but darn it, i have the containers!