Friday, May 6, 2011

Back Porch Beverages- Mint Julep

"Now she's 102, drinking mint juleps in the shade"
- Tom Waits

 Today is the opening of the Kentucky Derby so I will be making Mint Juleps. Before making this drink I had never had a Mint Julep. (I know and I call myself a Southern Belle) Supposedly there is a silver mint julep cup that is needed to sip this fancy beverage but I do not own one of these jewels. I went with a simple glass with pretty mint garnish. I got this recipe from the Marker's Mark website.
our ingredients. Did you notice our newly planted herb 
is being used?
the recipe calls for 40 mint leaves to soak in 3oz
of bourbon for 15 minutes. (we cut the
recipe down to fit two people)
Ring the leaves in a paper towel, dip and repeat.
Heat 1/3 cup of water and mix in 1/3 cup of powdered sugar
and then add it to 1 cup of bourbon along with the mint extract
Will crushed the ice and added the mix.
Will and Chris discussing their prediction for the Derby.
Bare is modeling his mint julep, along with the fraternity
front tuck.
I am contemplating my mint juelp and remembering I don't
like bourbon.

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  1. maybe next year we can sip on mint juelps while wearing large hats, watching horses run in a circle in louisville... just think about it...