Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

We started our weekend early. On Friday around 2 o'clock we headed to Moe's BBQ. They have a wonderful porch where we enjoyed the beautiful spring day. We partook in a beverage and redneck nachos.  Friday evening we headed to a going away/birthday for Brooks. His girlfriend, Jaime, decided to throw him a toga themed parted because statistics showed that when you wear a toga you are bound to have more fun. We were on a hunt to find our most tacky sheets. Go big or go home is my motto. We spent a wonderful evening with all his friends and shared plenty of laughter.

Saturday morning we headed off to my nieces' recital. They both are a part of a dance company and they couldn't have been cuter. They both did such a wonderful job with their dances. Aunt Rachel and Uncle Will were so proud of them. 

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Gumbo Gala where we volunteered at the drink stand. The Gumbo Gala is an annual fundraiser for those that live at Episcopal Place, an assisted living facility. We have a friend who lives there, and he graciously signed us up. We didn't mind because we like Kenny so much.  Later that evening we joined our family for a Mother's Day/Birthday cookout.  On Sunday Mom came to our apartment and we made her a Mother's Day lunch. We sat around and talked; it was great to be with her. She headed back to Montgomery and we finished chores around the house. Hope you got to spend time with your mothers or at least take time to remember them. 

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