Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

This past Friday was filled with second hand jewels. Will and I recently heard about a book store called 2nd and Charles. They sell new and used books. Will and I thumbed through all the summer readings for students and picked out a few that we haven't read yet. After that we walked around to Plato's closet where I found this lovely dress. It is so cute. I plan on replacing the plastic read buttons with wooden ones. 

Our friends Parker and Leigh Ann came into town and we had dinner and made a few cocktails. There will be more about those on Back Porch Beverages.

Saturday morning we all woke up and Will fixed us all a lovely breakfast. We sat around and chatted. It wasn't long before I was itching to work on some projects that had been lingering longer than I liked. I finished up my December Daily book that I had been working on. I will show more pictures of it this week. Bare came over and brought Will some fishing lures that he had made. I was pretty impressed with his abilities. Then last on my to do list was to convert the Tequilla bottle into a vase. I had to figure out how to get the plastic neck off of the glass bottle. It may sound easy but I had to get out the needle nose pliers. After much hard effort I was the victor much to Will's disbelief. He thought I would cut my hand off before salvaging this great bottle. I can't wait to fill it with dried flowers.
December Daily
Bare's fishing lures
Wouldn't you agree it is nice?

Saturday afternoon we headed to Atlanta to see Fleet Foxes at the Tabernacle. We grabbed a bite to eat at a little pizza place several blocks away. We were fully prepared to stand in line so we could get good seats.
Bare is practicing his line stance.

A little of Bare's photography skills.
All of us at the concert.
Sunday we watched Part 3 of Roots and then we both read and relaxed. We headed off to our book club and then home for more veg time. That is what we did. How was your weekend?


  1. I just want you to know you have a great blog.

  2. ha! well... i agree. great blog. and i CAN'T WAIT to see your finished december daily! i have been working on mine here and there... i'm determined to finish before next december. oh, and i love the tequila bottle... definitely worth salvaging.