Friday, June 10, 2011

Back Porch Beverages-????

This probably the prettiest drink so far. The problem is we don't have a name. I got the recipe from a magazine and changed some of the ingredients and decided to give it a new name. Here are the possibilities we came up with Limoo (lemon in Farsi), Cosmopol-ain't, or Cosmopol-i-mint. Help us choose.

You will need the following ingredients.

Citrus Vodka (1 1/4 oz), lemon juice(1oz), simple syrup(1/2oz),
 pomegranate juice, and Sprite.

Muddle your mint and then add vodka, lemon juice,
and simple syrup and shake. Pour into glass and
add a splash of Sprite and pomegranate juice

Walah! Isn't it pretty?

Stacy and Nima joined us on the Back Porch.

Is the self-timer obvious?

Maybe a little.
Comments: We all thought it needed a little less lemon because it over powered the mint a little. I put more than a splash of pomegranate in all the drinks except for Stacy's drink. We all decided hers was the best. Take it from me all you need is a slight tilt of the wrist. Have a great weekend!

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