Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Friday-I went to see my niece Kate's dance recital. She got an award that recognized the 5 years she has been dancing. She was in several dance pieces and did a spectacular job. I am so proud of her.

Saturday- I volunteered to help with disaster relief in Pratt City. The destruction is massive in this town. It so overwhelming to think that people have been working for a month and a half and things are still in such disarray.  I worked with Hands on Birmingham and got plugged in to this work site. We helped clean up Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. This was a huge church with a gym and everything. The only things left are the structure beams. We tried to salvage what we could and stick it into pods. We picked up debris and collected bricks.  If you live in the area or are able to take a trip they can use all the help they can get.

I snapped this quick. It felt somewhat
disrespectful to take pictures of another
 person's devastation.
 So Will and I were sitting around talking about our anniversary that is coming up in July. We were with another couple and I don't remember who came up with the idea, but we decided we should take a picture every year in our wedding clothes. Each year we will have a different symbol in the picture. This year we are planning to do a globe since we are headed to Africa.

I went in search of one at a flea
market in Leeds, AL.
I found this too.
Isn't this vase great? It is my favorite.
Sunday- I woke up and went to Starbucks. I know all you Seattle readers cringe, but we don't have the lovely assortment of coffee shops on each corner. Churches but not coffee shops. There are two cute older gentlemen that play the accordion and the guitar and they sing on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I got up and went to go see them, but I got there too late and they had already left. So I decided to stay and do a little writing.

I came across this piece of art hanging on the wall.
I don't understand what the artist is trying to communicate. You can't tell in the picture but all these people have committed some type of crime and it is listed below their picture. I don't know if they are at large or if they have been detained. It bothered me. Why do these people need their faces plastered on anything else? I get they have committed crimes, but it seems so undignified to have their picture on public display. Did they consent to this?  Maybe there is some other message that  I missed altogether. If you know please tell me I would like to think there is a more positive interpretation.


  1. Maybe the artist might have wanted to make you feel exactly how you felt. They are just faces on the wall, but there is more to them then that!?

    Are they colored in? it looks sort of like they are. What about stringed together? Looks like it. Any likeness in each others crimes?

    It is interesting that they are all different in race, age, gender etc. Maybe to state that crimes are not committed by one particular kind of person.

    I would like to know myself. Fun post!

  2. Love the globe and the vase. Both great finds... and I like your wedding clothes idea. Also, I just typed wedding cloths instead of clothes but I think it adds a little old-world flair. Would be interested to know if you find out any more about the art. Now go put on your wedding cloths!