Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Night With The Family

Last night we had my brother and his family over minus one kid. We fixed veggie pizza with an asparagus base. We made sure to divide the pizza into appropriate sections. The girls only like cheese. My brother doesn't like onions and the rest Will, Kim, and I enjoyed.

Look at that toss.

Making the asparagus base.

Will added a little oregano and garlic to
the crust.



After dinner we got out a map and showed the girls where we were going to be living for the next 10 months. 

Meg is so smart. She pointed to where
she lives.
We also showed her where Georgie lives.

Then it was on to fixing Uncle Will's hair.
Looks fun well not for Will. I love how
intent Holly is on getting his
ponytails right.

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